All About One Block Only

One Block Only Quilts will show you how to
make beautiful quilts fast and easy.

One Block Only Quilting is all about...
A fast and easy way of making a quilt any beginner can be proud of.

When you need a gift, unless you plan ahead to make someone a quilt,
it always seems to be too late to make one. Or is it?

Need a Quilt in a hurry? That’s what One Block Only is all about.

When I give a quilt as a gift, I feel like it’s a little more special, a gift from the heart. In our hurried world, though, it’s easier to go to the store and
get something... anything.

That’s why I have come to love these one-block quilts. I’ve gotten to where
I can sew one in two evenings of watching TV (4-6 hours). To finish it from there is a snap!

The the feeling of panic when a last minute gift is needed... it isn’t there.

What makes One Block Only different?
I use Traditional Quilt Block Patterns. Like the ones showcased along
the side of this page.

Why it’s great for you?
I BLOW THE BLOCK UP! And up and up...
.................until the block pattern is a square quilt of 48” to 60” in size.

All the One Block Only beginner patterns for quilting have large pieces
(8” to 16”). Every pattern includes other math related features, such as cutting instructions and fabric requirements.

Why so large?
Do you remember when you were little? How you built your first block tower? You didn’t use teeny tiny blocks, did you? Nope, it was GREAT BIG BLOCKS that took two little hands to put them in place...

You never had so much fun!

With the One Block Only patterns and The Mini-Block Instruction Booklet, you will learn the basics on large pieces of fabric.

Quilt assembly goes quickly.

Once you’ve tackled the whole “mini-block” process and actually get a quilt or two under your belt, you’ll feel confident to tackle even larger quilts with far more intricate details.

Why One Block Only?
There’s a (rather long) story of how I discovered I could use one
traditional block and make it into a beautiful quilt. I discovered how the colors and the fabric choices brings out the amazing beauty of a single block—as it stands alone.

How about some fun projects to get you started?

Did You Ever Need a Quilt...
.............For a gift?

Any Special Occasion
....................the list is never ending!


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