Before Going To PayPal


Recently I have experienced problems with the fact that PayPal apparently is failing to send customers to the proper “Thank You Page” for their patterns, Mini-Block Booklet, or other pattern offers.

When I established the PayPal “Buy Button” feature (so customers could easily purchase my patterns) I HAD TO FURNISH what they called a “Thank You Page” where they could send the customer to retrieve their “merchandise” (in this case, a PDF file for whichever patterns, Mini-Block Booklet, or other pattern offers ordered).

At some time after establishing these “Buy” buttons there was some changes made at PayPal .
    1)  The “list” for my “Buy” buttons was no longer available for me to easily access.  I could not make repairs or edit.
    2)  Customers who were suppose to be sent to “Thank You Page” were sometimes sent there and sometimes apparently not sent there.  

Therein lies the problem... I set up the PayPal option for convenience — yours and mine.  But I began to need to send an email inquiry to each customer so I could verify they  1) were sent to the “Thank You Page” OR  2) if they received the PDF file download.  

If, for whatever reason, I missed the notification about the sale and thus missed getting in touch with the customer a whole new set of problems arose.  Namely going through the “resolution” process with PayPal (which they also changed — to more complicated).

About Refunds and Free Patterns...

Since the majority of my patterns are priced at $7 (and PayPal takes a chunk of that to do their ”job”) and I generally lose another $7 with this problem (by sending a FREE pattern to the customer who was upset because they “didn’t get their pattern”):

I don’t do refunds.

I will do my utmost to make sure your receive what you ordered.

Therefore, there will be no FREE patterns anymore for PayPal users who do not comply with the following rules (specifically if you do not contact me with the problem first).

New Rules Apply...

FIRST:         I cannot guarantee you will be sent to the "Thank You Page"
                     from PayPal after completing your transaction.

                     That "Thank You Page" should have the link for the pattern
                     and you should be able to download the PDF file.


SECOND:   If you are not sent to the proper "Thank You Page" from
                     PayPal, then YOU MUST contact me at this email address:

Subject line must read:  HELP! DIDN'T GET PATTERN FROM PAYPAL

You MUST USE the above email address because no other
email addresses apply for this problem!!!!

The New Payment Policy Option

Due to the increasing problems experienced with PayPal NOT SENDING YOU, my customers, to the correct page (or any page, apparently) containing the downloadable pattern file: 
    I am putting in effect a New Payment Policy that will cover all the Patterns (available now and those yet to come), Special Offers and the Mini-Block Instruction Booklet.  Look for the new button you can click through to take you to the page where you can place an order.

I will eventually phase out the use of PayPal as a means for purchasing patterns.

Although it was for your convenience I went to all the trouble of setting up the PayPal Buying Buttons (which consisted of no less than four extra steps to just get the codes for the buttons, AND at least three additional pages for this site FOR EACH pattern), the aggravation of their failure to following through for you has finally got the best of me.


Due to the nature of the way these patterns are delivered to you, they are considered intellectual property and upon transference of the PDF files through emails from me finalizes the sale.

At that time you have only the right to use the product for your own personal use.  You cannot give the files to others or otherwise misuse them. To do so is fraud. 

I will inform PayPal, in the case of disputes (and provide proof), the files were delivered

Special SiteSell Promotion

For the record:

I have moved the "PayPal Buy Buttons" to a new (all inclusive) page for those who only want to pay with their credit cards. 

With the new rules in mind, feel free to continue by clicking the button below...

The New Payment Option

I am putting in effect a New Payment Policy that will cover all the Patterns (available now and those yet to come) and Special Offers, as well as the Mini-Block Instruction Booklet. 

Below is the new button you can click through to take you to the page where you can place an order.

The only email address I use

Emails from me will always have OBO somewhere in the subject line.


All inquiries for patterns you may be interested in and is not yet available should always have the following words in the subject line:



Must have "OBO Inquiry" in the subject line. 

A word of warning: I do not reply to any sales solicitations,  period.