Welcome to my dad's family album

Gilbert C. McLaughlin's family album.
This page is just a little about my dad and his family.

It is said my Grandma Mac only had one love of her life, my granddad. When
he died, she was in her forties and had three children still at home, two of them pre-schoolers. She never remarried even though she lived to be 89 years old.

When they moved to Kansas, it was said she cried all the way because she
was leaving her family and friends behind. But she lived the rest of her life
in Ellinwood, Kansas. She was a thread in the fabric of that community for
fifty years or so.

One of the fun things about our family is the fact the Uncle LeRoy is one year younger than his nephew, Dennis.

They grew up as close as brothers until Uncle Gene moved to Pratt, Kansas.  But even then they remained close until Dennis married and moved to the state of Washington.    Today, many years later, they still
have a brotherly closeness.

I don't know when they moved the house into Ellinwood but it was there by the time my folks got married because Grandma Mac told a story of how mom crawled over her cedar chest in the basement (to get to the canned goods) before it was given to her--either for her birthday or Christmas.

You can see it's backdoor in the picture of my Aunt Doris who is only ten years older than me and the side of the house in the Dec. 1944 Army picture of my dad.