My little Irish chain
four quilts that have gone to Ireland

One of my first Irish Chain quilts was for my friend, Dory. Actually for her sister in Ireland when she was expecting her third son, Daire. Since she doesn't like to know the gender until the child is born, it was a green and yellow quilt.

This "Irish Chain Gallery" is my Irish quilt collection because I've since made three more quilts which have gone to Ireland. Ella's is also green (for the above reason but this time it was a girl!).

I learned a valuable lesson with Daire's quilt: Do Not Make a Quilt for a New Baby Without First Considering the Siblings.

Dory's sister would miss the baby's quilt and find either Thomas or Nially curled up in it. Once I heard this (which was quite quickly after they got the quilt!), I began planning their quilts.

Now I find myself making more than one when the new addition has brothers or sisters. It is easier when I start with the first one and add to it (see Anita & Rita—coming soon).

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