Community Cat Care's
Special Quilt Donation

"Laurel's Cats"

This is the Traditional Quilt Block Pattern
"Puss in the Corner"
and was done in Laurel Burch Cats Collection fabrics.

The fantastic ladies pictured above are (left to right)
Eileen Organ, Barb Metsher, and Susan Fulton
The dynamos behind

Community Cat Care.

The photo was taken at the preparations for the 2007 annual Fur Ball.

I donated the quilt because this organization has helped me with
the stray cat colony (of over 20 cats) I ended up feeding this year.

They are dedicated to Trap, Neuter & Release or TNR which is the humane way to control wild and feral cat colonies. In 2007 they spayed or neutered over 1,000 cats!

The thing about this is the feral cat population is radically reduced and thousands of unwanted animals are not destroyed in the area's shelters.

With the help of Dr. Jeff Young of Denver, CO; who comes to our community at least once a month to provide Spay-Neuter Clinics where people can get their pets spayed, neutered and shots for low cost.

He calls his clinics

Planned Pethood Plus

For a limited time you can purchase the pattern for this 49"x 49" quilt
(all proceeds will go to Community Cat Care).
Just right for a Lap Quilt or Wall Hanging!

The photos at left are the detail shots
of the quilt.

The first
photo shows
two of the
fabrics used.

The second photo
shows the
"sleeping cat" quilting detail.

Solo Build It!