You have been sent to this page for a very special reason.  Please read all instructions included on this page.  Thank you.

New Purchasing Policy

Due to the increasing problems experienced with PayPal NOT SENDING YOU, my customers, to the correct page (or any page, apparently) containing the downloadable pattern file: I am offering an alternative for purchasing patterns.

(Note: You may want to print this page for future reference.)

To Purchase A Pattern...

Below you will find a full list of the individual patterns, the Instruction Booklet, and Specials available as well as the current prices. 
(On occasion I may have special sales and those prices will be listed in red beside or below the regular price and you will need to note it is the sale price when ordering.)

Link to Order Form is at end of Page...


The One Block Only
No. 1 Sampler Quilt    [samq-01]                      $37.00
                                                                        No!.....Wait!          It's only $27.00

Winter Special  (Susannah’s Shooting Star)    [WS-01]                      $14.00
(Mini-Block Instruction Booklet not included with this quilt)

Autumn Special for the Beginner                    [ASP-B1]                      $19.95

Autumn Special
for the Skilled Beginner
                                    [ASP-B2]                      $19.95

Autumn Special
for the Advanced Beginner
                               [ASP-B3]                      $19.95

Basic Instructions Booklet

The Mini-Block Instruction Booklet is offered two ways.  By itself with no pattern purchase (MB1-10).


With the purchase of the Winter Special or the purchase of any individual pattern listed below (MB1-7).
(purchase with first pattern only)
                             MB1-7                         $7.00

One Block Only Quilts
Individual Patterns

Any pattern listed here does not include the Basic Instruction Booklet and the booklet will need to be ordered separately (see above). 
But y
ou need only to order the Instruction Booklet once.

Aunt Dinah                                                            [AD-02]                        $7.00
Autumn Leaves                                                      [AL-03]                        $7.00
Arizona Indian Memory                                      [AZ-01]                        $7.00
Building Blocks                                                      [BB-07]                        $7.00
Broken Band                                                         [BKB-04]                        $7.00
Best of All                                                            [BOA-02]                        $7.00
Best of All (turned)                                             [BOA-03]                        $7.00
Bear Paw                                                                   [BP-01]                        $7.00
Clay's Choice                                                          [CC-04]                        $7.00
Churn Dash (variation) “Far West"                 [CDV-03]                        $7.00
Dove at the Windows                                          [DW-02]                        $7.00
Eight Hands Around                                         [EHA-01]                        $7.00
Illinois                                                                     [ILL-01]                        $7.00
Jacob's Ladder                                                          [JL-01]                        $7.00
Puss in the Corner                                                [PIC-05]                        $7.00



Special SiteSell Promotion

How To Purchase A Pattern...

Send a check or money order for the amount listed for item you wish to order to:

One Block Only Patterns
3169 Breanna Marie Ct.
Grand Junction, CO  81504

Please include the following information:
(this is very important!)

The name of the pattern (or items) you are purchasing.

And you phone number
(only in case I need to contact you)

All confirmation emails will come from:

With a subject line: 
                        Your OBO pattern

* * *

A Word of Apology...

I know this is rather "Old School" and just clicking a button and entering a credit card number is a more modern.

I have tried to keep the pricing of the patterns in a very reasonable range. 

It may seem cumbersome to drop a check in the mail and wait the few days for your confirmation email to come back from me WITH THE PATTERN ATTACHED, but it will be less of a  hassle than what is being experienced now. 

I have been patient with this problem but when I have to go to all the extra steps of contacting each of you individually and sending the patterns rather than easily having you sent to a link for the pattern in one step, then I would rather cut out the middleman, so to speak.

I promise you WILL receive your patterns much faster this way.


Finally. . .

You may contact me at  


1)  The snail died or took the wrong turn and got lost with your order.

2)  Of course that would be if you do not receive the email from me confirming your order (which will have your order attached as PDF "files" you can then download) by the fourteenth day after you sent the order.