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For the record:  I have moved the "PayPal Buy Buttons" to here for those who wish to pay with their credit cards.  So...

New Rules Apply here

1)  I cannot guarantee you will be sent to the "Thank You Page" from
     PayPal after completing your transaction. 

     That "Thank You Page" should have the link for the pattern and you
     should be able to download the PDF file. 


2)  If you are not sent to the proper "Thank You Page" from PayPal, then
     YOU MUST contact me at this email address only*:

Subject line must read:  HELP! DIDN'T GET PATTERN FROM PAYPAL

*(No other email addresses apply for this problem!!!!)

With these rules in mind, feel free to continue*. . .

Individual Patterns

Indian Memory

AZ-01                           $7.00         

  Aunt Dinah


Autumn Leaves

AL-03                           $7.00         

Bear Paw


Best of All

BOA-02                       $7.00         

Best of All

BOA-03                         $7.00           

Broken Band

BKB-04                         $7.00           

Building Blocks

BB-07                            $7.00           

Churn Dash (variation)
“Far West"

CDV-03                         $7.00           

 Clay's Choice

CC-04                           $7.00          

Dove at the Windows

DW-02                          $7.00           

Eight Hands Around

EHA-01                         $7.00           


ILL-01                          $7.00            

Jacob's Ladder

JL-01                           $7.00         

Puss in the Corner

PIC-05C                        $7.00           


Due to the nature of the way these patterns are delivered to you, they are considered intellectual property and upon transference of the PDF files through emails from me finalizes the sale. 

At that time you have only the right to use the product for your own personal use,  You cannot give the files to others oe otherwise misuse them. To do so is fraud.  I will inform and prove the files were delivered to PayPal in any disputes. 

I do not do refunds. 

I will do my utmost to make sure your receive what you ordered. 

But there will be no FREE patterns anymore for PayPal users who do not comply with the above rules (specifically if you do not contact me with the problem first).

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The Sampler Quilt

SAMQ-12B-1       $27.OO

The Mini-Block Instruction Booklet

MB1-10                 $9.95


Winter Special Susannah's Shooting Star

WS-01                  $14.00

Autumn Special for the Beginner

ASP-B1               $19.95

Autumn Special for the Skilled Beginner

ASP-B2              $19.95

Autumn Special for the Advanced Beginner

ASP-B3             $19.95

As the late great comedian, Terry Thomas used to say:

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