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In my house: no quilt is safe, whether they are finished or just in progress or any state in between. My cats love the comfy feel of the fabric and the cushiness of the batting. As you will see, there are many, many quilts in my collection which have passed the "Kitty" inspection process.

Needless to say, no quilt goes out the door (either as a gift or whatever) without a thorough cleaning. Once clean it gets packed up so no more cat hair can get on it.

Of course, many of my gift quilts get a bit of history, which most often includes photos of the cats on that particular quilt.

Raven "caught" on a quilt. xxxxxxxGinger giving her opinion on (AJ's quilt).

Patty doing her "cute" look.

Raven and his mother, Smokey on Daire Roe's Quilt with Patty.

Bluebell found Bailey's quilt as
one of her first
quilts to sit on
when she came
down off the mountain.

The blue velvet quilt (Raven and Patty are on) and Daire's quilt are among the first of my Irish Chain quilts.

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We've adopted Mo as an "official Quilting Cat" from London.

Here are some great quilts we wish we could nap on! Go see for yourself.