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2017 - What's new with the site...

October 11, 2017

Fixin' up the Site

Now (see below) that I have time, time and more time...  I've decided to tackle the repairs needed on this site.  After the entry below and the problems with my eyes, I got kind of discouraged about a lot of things.

But lately the irritating, annoying and down right frustrating problems I've been encountering with PayPal has finally got me riled up.  (None of the Quilting Cats will cooperate and give me a good grumpy cat pose to photograph so I can stick it in here.)

Here is a link to the New Payment Policy page that I will begin using immediately as I begin the repairs to the site.  With all the great new changes SBI has put in effect over the past few of years I have a lot of re-learning to do!  But the work is long over due.

As I pull the PayPal buttons and stick then on their own page, I will be replacing them with my own button linking to this new page.  It is going to be "Old School" because I am sick and tired of paying a company a fee that basically ends up with them not do their job!

I pay a fee on every sale that goes through PayPal and they (for some reason) don't send my customers to the "Thank Your Page" that I had to build and set up specifically for the purpose of linking my customer to my merchandise.

Sometime, a while back, they made some changes which 1) dropped the listing of the buttons I had created (so I couldn't even go in and easily correct the problem on their site) and 2) the changes somehow messed up the commands that used to send customers where they needed to go to complete the purchase.

There arose the problem.  Each time someone purchased a pattern I would have to go in to the email sent from PayPal notifying me of the sale and take the time to inquire if they got sent to the "Thank You" page for their link or, because so many didn't get sent there, I ended up sending another email that had the pattern attached to it.

If I missed an email and didn't know about the sale, then I got a complaint.  AND PayPal even changed the process of addressing those situations.  At one time it was relatively easy to correct the oversight and take care of the complaint.  (Again directly contacting the customer with the pattern file attached.)  BUT NOT NOW.

The last incident cost me many hours over three days before I got it resolved.  I ended up sending four emails to the customer, three with the pattern attached. The last email was to make sure the customer knew they had to contact PayPal themselves to cancel the complaint because unless the customer contacts PayPal the issues is not resolved.  No matter what the seller says.

I don't know how many emails I sent in to PayPal explaining the problems I was having with their "resolution center" and I still haven't answered their email asking me to rate my experience with their "resolution center".  Maybe I should send them a link to this.

Well, I did see some progress today because I completed the page with all the pattern and specials that I had with PayPal on it. I also made my own button for how I want to do sales from now on.  It was interesting to jump back into the old Graphic Artist mode and have to re-learn a lot of things I hadn't done for a long while.  It's like that old saying about riding a bike...

But the bike has gotten really rusty!

I'd rather be quilting!

2017 - What's new with me...

October 9, 2017

Well, to say the least...  A lot.

First of all, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (thanks Dad).  For someone who grew up always being "the Bolton" one, I sure inherited a lot of things from my Dad's side of the family and Diabetes seems to be one of them.  Grandma Mac was diagnosed after someone found her passed out on her kitchen floor.  She never knew she was Diabetic until only days before she died from complications of that kitchen floor incident.  She was in her late eighties at the time.

My Dad was diagnosed in his seventies but didn't think much of it for a few more years until the nurse at the VA emergency room asked him (after some blood tests) if he was Diabetic.  His answer?  "A little."  To which the nurse retorted, "That's a little like being a little pregnant."

It wasn't until he broke his hip and was (to his pure dislike of the  matter) placed in a nursing home when he was 80 years old that he was put on medication to help it.  It still took its toll and he died from problems related to the disease.

When I first became aware of the problem, I thought it was Type 2, but after the normal medications that should have helped me didn't, a dear friend of mine insisted I was probably like her and wasn't producing enough insulin naturally.  So after a bit of discussion with my doctor, I got the wonderful news -- Type 1 -- and  I had to take insulin shots twice a day which weren't enough so I get to take four shots a day just to keep it under control.  NOT FUN.

That brings me to the second thing, the most annoying of all.  My eyesight has been affected by this blankety-blank disease.  Reading is now with a magnifying glass.  Typing?  Let's just say, I spell check a lot and proofread everything I type.  It tsakrd me three times a long any just about anyone else to just send an email.  Texting?  Just don't do it. 

The only way I get to enjoy reading a book is audio books these days.  Thankfully there is Audible and George Guidall, among others narrating some of my favorite authors.  Don't forget Gene Engene who is my favorite J P. Beaumont and Zane Grey narrator.

With the problems with my eyes, working on quilting is the thing I miss most of all.  As I often say, "I'd rather be quilting." 

* * * * *

Lastly, I managed to NOT die from pneumonia almost four years ago.  That was in spite of the fact I was working myself to the bone trying to keep up my janitor job and my housekeeping jobs while having no money for a doctor.  I spent several hours in an hospital emergency room  running up a bill that was hard on the meager finances. 

A few changes were made since then.  One, I found out I qualified for Medicaid (on the spot when I applied because my income level was sooo low -- that didn't happen often in their offices).  Then I finally got old enough for Medicare.

Life is so much fun getting old and messed up with all the bull that goes with old age!  

Oh how I'd rather be quilting!

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