The Autumn Specials

The Intermediate Level Quilter

This page is the Autumn Pattern Special Offers
for the Intermediate Level Quilter.

This page is designed to showcase the Intermediate Pattern Offers.
I hope you enjoy making the quilts
and enjoy using the patterns for quick projects.

That's what One Block Only is all about...
Quick Quilts that are a bit different, yet beautiful.


The Autumn Special Offer
for the
Intermediate Quilter

This offer and a Advanced Intermediate offer will be up one of these days...

Thank you for your patience

There was once a cartoon that pictured two Vultures on a dead tree branch in a desolate place. One is saying "Patience...I'm going to kill something."

It's not quite that bad, I am working on things and waiting for the site to be "migrated", so one of these days it'll be here.