Beginners Projects

One Block Only Quilting Patterns & Projects

Beginners Projects for quilting is a good place to start, when every beginner's projects should begin somewhere.

At One Block Only there are several choices.

The first choice is the Beginner Project Patterns A-Z: "One Block Only Quilts" -- the great opportunity to learn to make a first quilt, be it a lap size quilt... or a wall hanging... OR that perfect, quick-to-make Baby Gift!

These quilts range from 48”x48” to 60”x60”.

You start with a Traditional Quilt Block and work with large size pieces (from 8” to 16”) to quickly make a beautiful quilt.

The second choice is the No. 1 Sampler Quilt. (Formerly called the Block of the Month Sampler Quilt the story about it's many name changes!)

It is a 58”x76” quilt designed to jump-start
your new quilting experience. You’ll finish
a quilt in half the time!

The #1 Sampler Quilt takes you through the Mini-Block Instruction Booklet, block by block, teaching you the basics in an orderly fashion. Each block has easy instructions to build it
and assemble them all into a lovely quilt.

Plus there is a bonus block that you can make into a pillow or exchange it for any of the other blocks in the quilt.

Fall is here!
What a better time to start a special quilt...
or three One Block Only Quilts!

Check out all the Autumn Specials!
Three "One-Block" Quilts per Special
that you can whip up this fall.
Fast! Easy!

Choose your skill level... or the pattern set that catches your fancy.

Then there's...

Susannah's Shooting Star

This is another quilt that had name issues, well...
not the quilt, but the quilt offer. I designed it to
be a winter project, making it blue and white for January, then decided it might be a pretty quilt for February, but by then, it looked like it should also be a springy March quilt, too.

Thus the three color choices. Susannah's Shooting Star is really a simple quilt to make because it consists of only two Traditional Quilt Blocks:
and "Shooting Star."

What is so fun about this quilt is the optical illusion when it's finished... because of the "sash" effect.

And more to come...

Special SiteSell Promotion

Coming Soon
A New project

This quilt looks complicated... but it isn't. It will have full directions for fabric needs and cutting.
Block and final quilt assembly instructions. Also the pattern will have the Mini-Block Instruction Booklet included.

Many of the projects come with The Mini-Block Instruction Booklet included.

The individual
One Block Only Quilt Patterns
do not have it included.

But no matter how you receive it,
you'll only have to get it onc

Before you start, order your Mini-Blocks Instruction Booklet.

A $9.95 value for only $7.

It has a wealth of
information and tips.

What is a Mini-Block?

Why would you
need this book?