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This is where you can see my favorite books. The Elm Creek Quilters books and The Benni Harper books are listed farther down on this page. Just scroll down to the book you're interested in but DO NOT click on the image (see message above).
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Books by Eleanor Burns

Irish Chain
In a Day
Irish Chain
In a Day
(©Oct. 2004)
Still Stripping
After 25 Years
(©Sept. 2003)
The Underground
Railroad Sampler
(©April 2003)

Birds in the Air

(©Sept. 2001)
Flying Geese Quilt
In a Day
(©March 2001)
Egg Money Quilts

(©Oct. 2005)
Quilts Through
the Seasons
(©May 2006)

The Elm Creek Quilters Books

The Quilter's
Round Robin

The Cross-Country
An Elm Creek Quilts
Set #1
(First Three Novels)

The Runaway Quilt

The Quilter's Legacy

The Master Quilter

Elm Creek Quilts
(A companion
quilt book)

The Sugar Camp Quilt

The Christmas Quilt

Circle of Quilters

Return to Elm Creek
(A companion
quilt book)

The Quilter's Homecoming
The New Year's Quilt
(©Nov 2007)
The Winding Ways
(©April 2008)
An Elm Creek Quilts Sampler ©2007
(A companion
quilt book)

The Benni Harper Books

Fool's Puzzle
©May 1994
Irish Chain
Kansas Troubles
©May 1996
Goose in the Pond
©May 1997

Dove in the Window
©May 1998
Mariner's Compass
©May 1999
Seven Sisters
©April 2000
Arkansas Traveller
©April 2001

Steps to the Alter
©April 2002
Sunshine and Shadow
©April 2004
Broken Dishes
©May 2005
Delectable Mountains
©May 2006

Tumbling Blocks
©May 2007
Benni Harper's
Quilt Album
©Nov. 2004
Saddlemaker's Wife
(A Ruby McGavin novel)
©May 2007