Classic Quilting Designs

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The following Classic Quilting Designs are all Traditional quilt blocks. Each pattern is shown in a large format so you can get a good idea of what you might like to try.

Lap Size Quilts or Wall Quilts

All Classic Quilting Designs, our beginner patterns for quilting include full instructions and fabric requirements for each of the specific blocks.

Wedding Ring

Mostly made of Tri-Sqs. Four corners of Tri-Sqs are joined together with a “sashing” made
of square blocks. Not a hard pattern and could easily be a wedding gift. (Four blocks with
a border can easily make a beautiful queen size quilt.)

Makes a quilt 50”x50”

Pattern Only

Wyoming Valley

This is a neat quilt to make.
It looks like “X” squares are used—but aren’t. Square-in-a-
square, flying geese and cat’s heads with a Tri-Sq face. Another quilt that Batiks would shine in.

Makes a quilt 60”x60”

Pattern Only

Yankee Puzzle

A block made entirely of
Tri-Sqs. Its spinning look
has almost a “shoo-fly”
feel. Grab two batiks in
tonal values and have
some fun.

Makes a quilt 48”x48”

Pattern Only

(MAROON)Pre-cut Kits will be available by special order, soon.

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