Coming Soon!
The One Block Only
Beginner's Guide to Quilting

I've been working on a guide to quilting e-book which I think you're going to like.

This has been a real work in progress!

It started out as a small (5.5"x8.5") booklet which took several trys to get the pages to line up properly—what a nightmare!

Then after I came up with the Block of the Month project I had to totally re-work it to fit that idea. Which I then took it to an 8.5"x11" format where I learned to make .pdf files for downloading.

But life has a way of changing directions, just lately I've been thinking—now that can get me in trouble!

The instruction book would work better if I re-did it to go along with pattern orders.

The end-product will have: The Instruction Book and TWO One Block Only quilt patterns included.

What is great for you—is you will get to choose which quilt patterns you want to make. When ordering, you will state which block pattens you wish to have included with the e-book.

Your own personalized
"One Block Only Beginner's Guild to Quilting"!

Later, if you want to try other block patterns, all you have to do is include your customer code so we know you already purchased the e-book.

In the meantime start dreaming of which quilt patterns you want to try first. Take time to browse the full line of One Block Only Quilt patterns...
While you wait for the Guide to Quilting e-book