The Quilting Cats Diaries

First Edition of 2008

Mimzy here...

I’m going to fill you in on what’s been happening around here with
The Quilting Cats. We’ve been busy messing up the house while Teri
goes off to earn us some “food” money.

It was a really long and cold winter, so we all have Spring Fever
and want to escape. After all, the House Finches are back!
(We aren't allowed to chase them, but they do sing pretty.)

In fact, Gypsy has been doing that a lot lately, she even got “forgotten” the other day when she got out and Teri went to work for the afternoon. Gypsy thought she was never going to get back inside again! She was really glad to see Teri that evening when she drove up—Gypsy met Teri
in a state of panic!

The last litter of kittens: LT, Lilly and Bubba got real sick with some
kind of “head” cold this winter. So it was a real long winter for them.
It was weird how getting sick set them back in growth, they look like
they are a month younger than they really are.

Bubba looks just like his mama, Growler. Growler had three of her children marked like her: Bobbie, Onesy (her “cap” is light brown
and black) and Twosey (they are all in the outside feral colony).

We also took in two “boarders” this winter because their “mommy”
wound up homeless and needed someplace for her cats to stay.
Meet Emma (used to be Mama Kitty, but she chose a new name)
and Jack (not to be confused with Jackie outside).

They have had a rough life, rescued from a "Meth house" originally
and now having to live without their human “family”.

But as you can see they’ve settled in.

Speaking of getting caught, here’s a picture that our neighbor took of Patty
on one of the first nice days this winter. She’d gotten out and Teri had left for some reason, so Patty was waiting in
the sun. Rhonda sent the picture in an e-mail entitled: “Where’s my mommie?” If you look closely, the wisteria bush’s limbs make a heart shape around Patty (Rhonda thought that was neat!).

This is some pictures of the last litter. They sure know how to worm
their way into every good sleeping group!

Speaking of Snoozin’...

But there is only
one special place...

Whether it is for sleeping,
or preening, or anything else.

Abby has a thing for whenever Teri sits
down. Abby is in her lap and curled up before Teri can even think about it.
(This was a hard picture to take because it had to
be taken without looking through the viewfinder.)

And, finally,
The Newest Quilting Cats...

Patty Goody, a friend of Teri's, who lives in Cedaredge, CO bought this quilt as a baby gift for one of her friend's daughter.

The new mother was so tickled that the quilting was of little hands that she sent a Thank You note about them. The card had hands and feet on it.

This quilt is also like the one that will be going to Ireland this summer.

Before I sign off on this newsletter...

I have a sad note:
I lost my brother, Ducky, the first of March.

I miss him a lot.

But I think Teri misses him more. (This was her favorite photo of him, he was such a take-charge kind of guy...)

He was always right there
to make friends (sitting on the railing and "begging"
for attention) whenever someone came over to the house—especially Dory, who
really likes orange cats.

He had such dark gold eyes and “Salvador Dali” whiskers (always going off in any direction they chose). Not to mention the cute little white (got milk?) “stripe” on his nose.

It was always fun, when we were younger, when we were fed our bottles! Teri found she had to become adept at feeding two very competitive kittens—at the same time—with two bottles! We made it a funny juggling act because neither one of us wanted to wait until one of us was done!

Oh! I had a lot of fun with him, climbing out of the "pen" by leaping gung-ho for the top of the barrier, and teaching the older cats whose house it really was...

He was named after David McCallum’s character on NCIS because he was orange, like a rubber ducky.

I think Sammy misses him, too. (Maybe that’s why he started hanging with the little ones.) You could always find them here—they loved to
sleep on the back of that old chair together.

We’re all gonna miss the Duck...

There will never be another one like him.

Well that about covers what's been going on around here, this is Mimzy signing off. See ya soon.

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