The Quilting Cats Diaries
October 2007 (part 2)

October 26, 2007

Hey There! Jazzy, here with the latest report—had to go to another page because the first part got too big to handle.

What a month we've had around here! Teri found another litter of kittens, well they found her, really.

Tess the big long-haired Tuxedo Cat had four kittens under the neighbor's shed. Last week Tess began bringing them over because she was having trouble feeding them. Teri discovered where they were and fixed the fense so they could come through it.

Once the kittens got in the yard, caught up one of them. The little Tess-look-alike kitten ran off to the west and the other kitten ran through the fense to the yard to the north. They finally got back together before bedtime.

Then the next morning Teri could hear a kitten crying. She found this little ball of fluff sitting on a flagstone near the fense. Poor little thing's eyes were matted shut and filled with puss—yuck! The little thing didn't even see Teri to run away!

Both the two now caught were probably the runts of the litter and were very much in need of feeding. Teri fed them from the bottle which they tried to devour! After a couple of feedings she went to a bowl. They certainly have thrived!

That same day she also caught the Look-alike kitten who wasn't very happy with that and hasn't tamed down hardly at all. That was three of the kittens from that litter now inside.

Abby (the first kitten) has tamed down wonderfully. She's such a little adventurer, nothing scares her and lately she's taken to running out of the room whenever the door opens! She was the first to want to get out of the barriers Teri had set up (mainly to keep the bigger kittens from eating the new kittens' food.

Annie (as in Little Orphan) has responded to the eye care and now is doing great. She's not as adventurous but has tamed down nicely. She was so thin when she was caught and now is filled out. She looks like a tribble (a wee beastie from the Star Trek series) a four-inch high ball of fur.

I'll see if I can figure out how to use Teri's camera and get some pictures. Last night the last one of the litter was caught and poor Tess, she looked so sad. If she would just cooperate, she could get them back and sleep in a warm place.

Hi, my name is Igor.

I'm not quite a month old and already I'm finding life can be tough. Teri discovered that when I was about two weeks old my head is cockeyed. I don't know what that means or how I got that way but I'm dealing with it.

Every night Teri makes me hold my head as far to the opposite direction as possible, stretching the muscles to get my neck straight. It's starting to work and I'm trying to do things on my own to learn to walk better and not look at the world from such a cockeyed way.

I'm told my name is from a movie about these geese that had to learn to fly south by following a hang glider. I'n told there was one goose who had a bad foot so he was named Igor.

Oh well, such is life I guess. Me and my siblings are growing fast and mom woulf really like to escape the pen we're in.

Bye for now, I gotta go play.