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October 2007

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Mimzy and Ducky here, we thought we'd start the month out with a bit about how we have taken over around here. If you read how we came to live here way back in May you know we had a rough time making friends at first. But we have made up for that in the last couple of months.

(Teri here, Mimzy has had a harder time due to the fact she had gender issues and name problems. But she has finally settled on Mimzy and it definately fits her—she even looks like the Mimzy Rabbit in "The Last Mimzy"!)

The big cats have come to accept us as part of the family. In fact, we really like having a "Grandmama" Bluey who really takes care of us and our big brother Sammy who plays with us. So, take a look at some of our pictures.

Here is Mimzy with Grandmama Bluey
They really look like they are comfy.

What's really neat is when Bluey gets frisky
and plays with us.

Well, Ducky really knows how to take care of his Grandmama Bluey.

He is such a lovey-dovey fella and often is cuddled
up with one of the big cats.

See what I mean...

Here he is with Sassy (our Tuxedo cat)
which is kind of special since Sassy can be
a bit of a ornery kitty when it comes to other cats.

Oh, yeah... Well, here's Mimzy with Jazzy who has decided she's her "baby".

Mimzy is so spoiled!
She gets to sleep with Teri and play with the bubbles whenever Teri takes a bubble bath!

You big show-off! Like you don't get Jazzy-time, too!
Look at you taking up most of the couch! You silly lounge lizard...

You don't even know what a lounge lizard is.

Even if I don't, you still look like one!

And then there is this photo of Mimzy
with Sammy. The dark spot in the
lower right corner (looking at them)
is Midnight.

Well, smug-boy, how about you? I know for
a fact Teri doesn't tolerate us walking on her keyboard—how'd you get away with this?

Just smiled my "cute" smile. But that only lasted until she took the picture, then it was: "Off! Off!"

......I guess you get the last word, Mimzy. Here you
are on baby Carter's quilt as it was being built.
......We haven't met Carter but we hear he has the prettiest smile. He was born June 29 and adopted by a nice family. We hear he likes Teddy Bears and has a cat, too.

Mom has her "store" up, now. So please, go check out the Autumn Specials (just click on picture).

If you do you can have three quilts done in no time and give them as gifts to your favoite people or hog them for yourself!

Also, we just love the way she feels so much more healthy lately.
(Forgive their grammer, they're only kittens!)
Also, check out her other store and the story about how she's getting well!

All us cats appreciate your support to Teri's website.

October 2, 2007
Snoopy used to start all his novels "On a cold and windy night..." Well that is exactly what it was night. The wind was blowing from every direction and the rain was coming down and man, it was getting cold outside.

In all that turmoil four little guys decided to make their appearance in this old world. Their mom, Growler had been trapped and put in a cage inside the garage about a week

That's Growler (all blown out by the flash) and there are four kittens in the carrier even though there looks like only three. Lorrie is on top of the box.

When I checked on her earlier yesterday afternoon she looked the same as she has for two weeks: ready to have her kittens any day now. When I went out about 10 p.m. she had already had three of them and when I entered the garage I heard them mewing.

I'm a bit excited about this group because the plan is to "tame" them so they can actually find homes. So even though Growler may object, they are going to be handled.

One thing about having her penned up is she can't move them on me and with the weather becoming colder, they at least have a chance. Where the other litter (born to another mother a few weeks ago) didn't. I tried to save two of that litter and they didn't have a chance of surviving--got cold and developed respirtory problems.

So it's been a busy month and it's only two days old!........TeriMac