Welcome to the Quilting Cats Diaries

This is the start of our diaries, at least as far as Teri is concerned. Teri invited us to make some comments about what goes on around here. So, we hope you like what we have to say...

May 6, 2007

These little teeny tiny bundles of fur are sure causing a lot of trouble around here. We big cats want nothing to do with them even though Teri has asked us to help out. We former mommies gave up that job when she fixed us.
........................We raised our kids!

Arrived in our house May 3, 2007
Born aprox. April 29, 2007

These two bundles of trouble, Jethro and Ducky, were abandoned by their mama. She was evicted from her nest in a woodpile and moved two of her litter, but didn’t come back for these two. On top of everything else, I’m now a foster mommie. We’re getting the hang of the bottle feeding.


The Quilting Cats want me to tell you about:
Stray Cats!
Please, help by not being
the source of the problem.

Help control the stray cat problem!
Don’t Dump
Spay and Neuter!

June 1, 2007 (update)

They’ve been here a month! Now they want
to get into everything, don’t sleep hardly at
all and we big cats still don’t want to have anything to do with them.

They moved into a new “cave” box and have
a “teddy” for company —Oh, so very spoiled!

They keep getting out of their “room” (can you believe they can get over a 18” high barrier!) and they keep trying to get us interested in them. Only Sammy seems to be curious about them.

Their personalities
have started to emerge:
Ducky is the lover boy, all cuddly with such a sweet little face.
While Jethro is the bigger one.

Jethro has the biggest appetite (maybe he’s decided that he was named after Jethro of the Beverly Hillbillies rather than Mark Harmon’s Jethro). He’s not quite the adventurer that Ducky is.

Yesterday Ducky jumped over the 18” high barrier I put up to keep them corralled in the dining room/office. I couldn’t figure out how he was getting out until I saw him “leap” for the top of the board. He looked like Superman flying—front feet way out and a big jump. Nothing phases Ducky. Both are thriving and doing well with the litter box training.—Teri

June 14, 2007

Teri here for an update:

Well the kittens have lived here six weeks. They have progressed to eating "real" food and they rule the roost! Although we had a rough spell where their tummies didn’t like the change. A little yogurt mixed in the milk helped them through that.

The big cats have begun to accept them and big brother Sammy has even begun to play with them. He joins in their chasing games and much to their delight, lends his tail to their "attack play".

I have a round-d-round toy where a ball is inside it and they really love to play with it—can't figure out why it keeps going in a circle! Nothing is safe around them—remotes, computers, cords. To them everything is a new toy or new challenge to overcome.

Their personalities are changing some more. Jehtro has become the little lover-boy now, if I'm working (sitting on the couch with the laptop) he'll come along the back and crawl down over my shoulder to snuggle under my chin—purring all the while. Ducky has discovered his teeth and thinks it's fun to bite the hand that feeds him! They've become quite the climbers and love the carpeted post on the rail by the stair case.

Oh, and talking about stairs, Ducky was the first to discover how to go down and then back up the stairs. Jethro only tried the first one for a few days, then he figured it out, too. They like going downstairs when the big cats are down there.

June 18, 2007

They went from sleeping a lot to playing a lot. They have chosen the big chair for their bed now (here with Bluey). I wonder about their litter-mates.

I found out the mama took them next door to a pile of 6” pipes (my neighbor knows they're in there and fixed a barrier so his dog can't get in there—the dog won't hurt them but wants to bark at them whenever she sees them).

I don't know what has been more taxing this month: the many, many feedings for all the cats or getting the website up. That’s taken about all my time—and holding yard sales on the weekend. —Teri

Okay, we're taking back OUR DIARIES now!

June 21, 2007

The first day of summer! You won’t know it for the weather around here. We’ve had the weirdest “spring”—first it warmed up early and the fruit trees bloomed two weeks early, then it got cold and even snowed on the cherry blossoms. (Okay, Teri wants you to know she had a nice crop inspite of the weather. Two weeks ahead of schedule!)

Then it got hot, then cold again. Then finally it settled down and was just a bit warm for a while and rainy off and on.

Then this last couple of weeks it’s gotten down right HOT!OH90s to 100! When you have a natural fur coat this kind of weird weather is rough!

But the butterflies have been plentiful—which is great for Pretty’s exercise routine. We’re a bit jealous of her leaping abilities—sometimes 3 or 4 feet in the air after a butterfly!

The rest of us try our best but leave the aerobatics to her.

(We'll try to get Teri to catch Pretty flying and put a photo real soon!)

June 24, 2007

Jazzy, here. This has been a weird week, we wound up with three more kittens in the house. I'm told they are only getting their exercise since they are living out in the "cat cage" with their mom, Little Bit. They are waiting for her to be spayed and (hopefully) homes found for them.

They are the gypsies, born between the layers of tarps on the yard sale table on the windiest day in April (the 18th). Teri tried to rescue them but Little Bit took them, one by one over the wood fense to the neighbor's shed. When they were about four weeks old the neighbor was told they were there, the neighbor caught up the kittens and brought them over that evening. It took some doing to get Little Bit into the cage with them, but she finally did.

The grey one is the cutest, liveliest one, her name is Gypsy. The tabby and white female is Rosalee and the little male is Romy. They weren't a bit shy about coming in and getting down to playing. They have had a lot of fun coming inside. Ducky and Jethro don't quite know what to think to have three new playmates who actually want to play!

I'm not sure of them, though. I get the feeling they are taking over my special place as "Most Favored Cat", although Teri assures me that isn't happening.

Onto another subject: I don't understand all this website stuff Teri's doing but tonight she found a really cool website we cats think is great. Mo has a neat story and a neat site, please check it out.
So we voted and Mo from London is now an "Offical Quilting Cat".

June 28, 2007

Gypsy here, I 'cided to speak out, today! Dem big cats are so mean dey's always pickin' on us little guys ('specially Midnight). Me and my brother, Romy, and sister, Rosalee, are only nine weeks old!

The lady who takes care of us and mom lets us come in and play in the house and we really like that. Here's some pictures of us, I'm the pretty one! Teri says I'm also the most fiesty—whatever that means!

That Gypsy! She isn't only pretty one in this litter! I started out shy but now I'm making up for it. I love playing on the jungle-gym thing with my brother (see us below).