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September 19, 2007

Hello, Bluey here.

It has been a wild month. Teri has been working hard on so many things. I've tried to help out where I can, I've started fussing over the two new ones: Ducky and his sister (who has had such a hard time with her name but now likes "Mimzy")

We just finished going through a wild week. Teri gathered up six cats yesterday to be spayed and neutered. Ducky, Little Bit, Gypsy, Rosalee and Romy, as well as Lorrie were spayed and neutered.

Then she next gathered up five of the wild outdoors kittens, only to lose HalfPint out of the cage. Onesy and Tuesday, two white kittens with "caps" on their head and who look just like their mother: Growler, were spayed. Jake was neutered (there was a question of his gender since Teri could never check). And Ducky's outdoor sister, Shadow was also spayed.

That was quite a chore but then she cleaned up the cat "holding cage" and moved it into the garage so the strays would have a warm, safe place to recover. That was a lot of work, since she had no help pushing and shoving it from the back of the carport to the front of the garage where it had to be washed and the spiders dislodged.

Then it was manuever it into the garage and move the kittens into it for their few days of recovery. They were not too happy about all of that but soon settled in.

Well, that's about it. I spent a few days under the weather because I caught what was going around, with it's hacking cough. I bounced back quicker than the two outdoors kittens. I guess it pays to have a nice warm bed everynight!

Well, anyway that's a summary of what's been going on around here. Teri has been fixing up the Autumn Special and will have it up very soon, now that she has the Spay/Neuter clinic over with for this month.

Speaking of the clinic. The doctor who comes in to do these clinics had surgery himself last week—aortic aneurisms! When asked how he was doing his answer was, "My hands still work."His name is Dr. Jeff Young and he is special. If he didn't conduct these clinics, the feral cat population would be so out of control, you wouldn't believe it!

The Community Cat Care people are rather fantastic themselves. Teri told me they have helped spay and neuter about 1,000 cats this year! Can you imagine that many cats! That's 1,000 feral (wild) cats who are no longer procreating and adding to the stray cat problem!

Please go to their website and give them a helping hand if you can. They would appreciate it.

Teri is making them an One Block Only Quilt, featuring Laurel Burch "cats" fabric and the Puss in the Corner pattern. I'll get her to put up a picture ASAP.

It will go into the silent auction for their "Furr Ball" on November 3, 2007.

If you would like a copy of the "Puss in the Corner" pattern, donate at least $10 and I will send you the pattern. You will need to contact me after you've done this and let me know.

(Use the "Contact Me" button above, thank you.)

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