Quilting and Sewing Tips for
The Sewing Beginner

Below you will find quilting and sewing tips for the sewing beginner. Whenever you start a new skill, it's best to have a guide. The sites below will give you good advice on how to learn to sew.

Beginner Sewing

Its Sew Karren
Easy projects, tips, and information aimed at people who like to sew or quilt, specifically those who might consider themselves beginners or intermediates. I share both my experience and the resources I've found with an added dash of humor sprinkled into the mix.
Let Karren show you how sewing can be fun.

In my case it was my mother, a great examples to imitate. She taught me to sew and gave me many sewing tips, especially: how to do a great job at whatever I was sewing.

Unfortunately many sewing beginners don't have that kind of source, because a lot of people don't sew and haven't passed that skill on to their children. Used to be you could take Home-Economics Classes in High School but, for the most part, they are no longer available (kind of like music and arts are being targeted, today!).

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