Quilts Gallery—My Dad's
Thank You Quilts

This is the Quilts Gallery of quilts I made as a thank you to dad's "adopted son", Robbie Jett.

A few years ago, Robbie met my dad shortly after he lost his own father and a friendship developed that was more like they adopted wach other. Robbie has done a lot for my dad over the years and after he and Sharon were married, they really took him under their wings, so to speak.

In fact, a few years before (going into a nursing home) actually had to happened, dad showed up on their doorstep and wouldn't leave. When they finally asked him why he wouldn't go home, he told them how my brother had tried to force dad to consider going into a nursing home and he was staying with them because he was hiding out!

Read more about my dad's sometimes exciting life. I found out, later, just how much Robbie and Sharon had done for my dad over the years. I felt I should show them somehow how much I appreciated that.

What follows is the three quilts I made for their girls who considered my dad as their grampa. I ended up making four twin size quilts, the three for the girls and one for dad's bed at the nursing home. They are all tied together with the "honey bear" fabric, which is why I say there is over fifteen (I've got to take a head count again!) quilts and one grampa quilt at this time tied together.