The One Block Only
No. 1 Sampler Quilt

(formerly the Block of the Month Club quilt
and the Twelve Block Sampler Quilt)
This little quilt has certainly had an identity crisis since it's creation! *

Okay, here's the deal...

I'm an impatient sort of person. The more I worked on th sampler as a block of the month project, the more I became convinced that a lot of you might like this offered in a simpler and inexpensive manner.

Instead of dragging the project out over twelve months, one block at a time. I'm offering it to you at a very special price in a very simple package (includes: pattern, cutting instructions and the Mini-Block Instruction Booklet).

I'm offering this package for:....$37


It's only $27!

This offer will be delivered to you as a PDF file which you can download.

You can purchase this quilt one of two ways.
Directly through me (Just click on the button and it will take you where you need to go)

or through Pay Pal.

I have moved the PayPal purchasing options to their own special page. 

I would prefer you use the above  "Purchase Sampler Quilt" option, as I feel it will be far less problematic for you to get your pattern.

But, it's your choice (BUT PLEASE READ ALL the information on the new page).

The Sampler Quilt is an excellent choice for the beginner quilter. It was designed
to be an easy first quilt for a novice quilter and a fun-to-make project.

This is a great way to get started if you want to make a more traditional quilt than the One Block Only Quilts. Every pattern comes with complete step-by-step instructions, cutting instructions and fabric requirements for the whole quilt.

Each pattern takes a mini-block such as “cat’s ears” and shows you how to build it. It also takes you step by step through the construction of the whole quilt so you can learn the basics.

When you’re done, you will have tackled all the 'mini-blocks", made twelve beautiful blocks, and you will have a beautiful quilt to be proud of.

Not to mention a beautiful "bonus block" pillow!

*Want to learn more about The Sampler Quilt and it's identity crisis?
..........Click on the above link and read all about it's journey.

This is only a spacer...

A little information about the quilt's value...

Normally, the cost of the individual pieces of the package would be over $75
The Mini-Block Instruction Booklet ($9.95 value)
The Fabric Requirements & Cutting Instructions ($5 value)
The Twelve Individual Patterns
($4.50 value each — that's a $54 total value alone!)

Just a little note: Some Block of the Month clubs' patterns are between
$10 and $15 a month!
(That's between $120 and $180 plus a possible membership fee.)

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Blocks included in No.1 Sampler Quilt

Plus. . .
You get a bonus block you can use in the quilt to replace any block, or make into a pillow.