Please, Spay and Neuter
Your Pets!

The Quilting Cats want me to get on
my Spay Neuter Soapbox:

Stray Cats

Right now I’m faced with six mama cats, their litters and four toms which all are going to have to be caught, fixed and either released or find homes for them.
(Please, check out the great links on this subject at bottom of page).

Since the Animal Control and the Humane Societies in our town are loaded with unwanted pets this time
of year, I will undoubtedly be the feeder to most of these cats after they’re spayed and neutered.

The area where I live is a place people dump cats. These people think it is no longer their problem...

But it is someone’s problem when those cats have kittens and those kittens have kittens, and so on and on and on.

Most of the time, it's the cat's problem:

Where can I find my next meal, where to shelter my babies, how can I protect my babies from harm?

PLEASE NOTE: Tomcats like to kill kittens so they can force the mama back into heat so they can breed. (Neutering your male cat will result in an 80% decrease in unwanted kittens!)

Someone once noted that the way a civilization treats its animals is a sign of the decline of that civilization. When we take an uncaring attitude towards our animals, then we are on a downhill slide!

Please, help by not being the source of the problem.

There are wonderful groups all over the country that work to control the feral cat populations in their areas. Find one in your town and support their efforts. They deserve the help—even if it is volunteering when they have a spay-neuter clinic or help promote their fundraising events.

Just help control the stray cat problem!

Don’t Dump!
Spay and Neuter!

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