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Create a Website like none other!  Take your area of expertise, your good idea, and build a lifetime income.  And you don’t need to be a webmaster to do it!

Most people don’t think they can create a website.  
They think it’s way over their heads  ———  not so!

Are you a Stay at Home Mom who could use some extra cash?

Are you a retiree?  Do you know something about something?

Are you a college student in need of extra income?

A while back I decided to take my idea—to teach quilting to beginners
—outside the box.  I didn’t know how to maximize myself and support
my household (cats have to be fed and then, of course, there’s the litter...)

I didn’t know where to turn.

A few years ago I went through an intense website “training” program
which, quite honestly, was a gigantic sales scheme: get you to buy
their “very special” website package. .........Which wasn’t cheap, either!

To get to their next level “information CD” you had to fork over a
couple of thousand dollars which also got you access to building
websites (up to five, I think). 

One of the bonus topics they touched on was how to buy advertising
on the net. The only way, they said, you could to get into the top searches.

A friend of mine attended the same training day, she didn’t buy their stuff because she had alredy “invested” $5,000 in another program.


I don’t know about you, but that is way more than I wanted to invest for a website!  What did she get for her $5,000?  A note book and a little bit of support!  Oh, and
a website that was suppose to make her rich—IF she could find the right product. 
(I lost track of her so I don’t know how it all turned out—not as she planned,
I’m sure.)

When I started my search for a way to possibly set up a website.  I typed “website” into an AOL search and in the middle of the listings was SiteSell.

I clicked.  Now the rest is history!

I suggest if you are very serious about doing something on the Web, then there is only one way to go:  SBI


Compare SBI with other hosting companies.

Everything about SiteSell is there to make you successful amid the millions of other websites.  In a place (the web) where 97% of all websites fail to generate enough traffic to stay in business, it’s nice to know SiteSell teaches you how to land in the top 3% of searches so you can be successful.

Want to know more?     Take the Site Build It!  Quick Tour.

Check out some the SBI results, you’ll find some of the varied SBI sites
in the top 3% of the net.

Already have a website?
Check out your site’s net ranking — see how it compares...

The “Site Build It” process is broken down into a simple 10 day step by step method that guides you through the building of a successful website.  It is not a “build-a-site-in-15-minutes-(and don’t-get-any-results)” web hosting set-up.

All I can say is I am glad I found SiteSell.  It has taken me a bit longer to get my site up and running (it took me three weeks just to decide to come on board and a month to get through the information to get my domain name!  Hey, I’m not as young as I was twenty years ago when I first learned to use computers!).

But, I wanted to be very, very sure of what I was doing.  This means I don’t have to go back to work for minimum wage (the average “great” wage in my town!) or have to deal with meglomaniacs who think they’re paying their slaves well!!! (Yep, I worked for one!)

I’ve read everything—the steps, all kind of case studies, tips, forums and anything else they suggested.  I simply decided this was a course I needed to learn.

As a graphic designer, by training, I built my pages before I started putting them into the site, simply because I needed to “see” what I wanted—that’s just me. 

It’s a step you won’t need, though, SBI’s Site building tools makes it all so easy.  Building blocks simple.  (With the new BB2, it's ever so much easier...)

I’ve seen many Quilting Websites advertised in magazines.  After
learning about how to build a proper website, how to generate traffic through content, I won’t have try to spend extra money on expensive advertising—just to get people to my site.

You see, “if you build it” doesn’t mean “they will come”.  There are millions of websites out there, many in your own line of expertise.

BUT they have no clue how to do it right.

I’ll say it again because it is that important:  97% of all websites fail.

Why?  Because they are going about it incorrectly.  People buy into the
“get your website quick” & “get rich” schemes, like the two I mentioned above or the “cheap” bait and switch “$5-a-month hosting and $3.95 domain name” schemes.

The expensive ones hype it up that “what you pay for is the quality of their program”.  When in reality, all they want is to sell you “a get rich quick scheme”.  Guess who's getting rich?

The cheapies just want your money—Hey $5 and $3.95 multiplied by the thousands still adds up!  Again, guess who's getting rich?

Sure, they get you online and you'll have a site.  But unless you buy lots
of Ads anywhere and everywhere (Google, Magazines, local paper...)
you get no traffic.

No Traffic = No Business = NO INCOME!

Are you ready to change all that?

Go to Solo Build It!

Go now and find out why SBI is the very best way to go!  You won’t have to spend thousands, only $299(USD). {Still the same--from the day I first wrote this five years ago!}

Hey, I’ve spent more than that on Business Ideas!  One seminar I went to everything was $495.  $495 for this idea kit, $495 for that idea kit (which were little more than a notebook in a fancy box).
$495 multiplied by hundreds of buyers still adds up to a very good day!

Needless to say when I saw the fee for SBI was $299(USD) I was surprised. Especially when I read through the long list of what was offered!  And that includes the domain name fee!

Go, run, gallop to Solo Build It if you are serious about owning a website.

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