Do you want to create a website?
But afraid to try?

So, you want to create a website, but...
Maybe you're afraid of...

The cost of a website?.................................................That's no problem!

Don't have the computer savvy?..............................That's no problem!

Don't how to speak the "language"?........................That's no problem!

When you want to create a website—SBI (short for: Site Build It!) helps you all the way! They guide you through the whole process. As simple as counting to 10!

I should know, I started as someone who "knew just enough to get me into trouble," as the old saying goes.

I had looked at the idea of creating something for the web several times. In most cases, the cost drove me off.

I had enough computer savvy to think I could do it. I am, afterall, a Graphic Designer and creating a website isn't much more complicated than designing a Business Image Package. Afterall, a website is all about your business’ Image and packaging it to draw in visitors.

But the thought of learning a computer "language" scared me speechless. I had tried that once in Cobol classes, could never get the stupid Cobol language to do what I wanted it to do! I could “see” the end results but no matter how I tried, I couldn’t make it happen!

So why would I want to try another computer "language"???<BR>
Good question. Answer: I wanted to have an online outlet for my quilting business!

By accident I found this wonderful Site-building-hosting-teaching place. Here’s how it happened: One day I put in an AOL search the following word: Website.

Now SBI wasn't first on the list (more like third or fourth). But what the description had to say was enough to click on it. Boy am I glad I did!

I added it to my Favorite Places and kept going back to it. Finally, I took a deep breath and signed up.

For the money, (not all that much—you have to go there and see for yourself!)


I went to college for six years and never learned so much (in a short amount of time) about one topic! To get the same amount of education anywhere else would cost thousands of dollars(US).


Take a look at this video...

If that doesn't get your attention... Why don't you take a detailed look?

They have a short video and case studies of REAL PEOPLE making a REAL LIVING on the Internet.

Be sure to look at the video Elad made. It won him $1000 and sure tells it like it is!

One other point: you are not alone in Solo Build It because they offer Forums to exchange ideas with other SBIers. These Forums are great places to get help from other SBIers who have gone through the process and many of the tips are priceless! There is no place better to get on the Net and join a family of successful people than Solo Build It.

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