Beginner Quilting

Quilting Secrets
For those new to quilting

Beginner Quilting...

You've come to a great place to learn about quilting and the uncover
some secrets for making a quilt for the first time (or learn a few new
tricks). I don’t claim to be anything more than someone who was once
where you are now: a quilting beginner or, a novice quilter.

I started quilting back in the 1970s, but that doesn't mean I knew what
I was doing back then. I just stumbled along – using skills I had from
making my own clothes in high school.

I made cardboard templates for the pieces (and not very accurate ones
at that!). Also, I was sewing quilts with half-inch seams – oh so wrong!
Since I was cutting fabric pieces that weren’t accurate, it’s no wonder
my quilts never laid flat! What a quilting novice I was!

After a few years of doing other things, I rekindled my fascination with
quilting in 2000. Learning from my mistakes the right way to quilt.

Why in the world would you want to learn by trial and error?
When I’ve done all that!
I can show you the shortcut secrets from the mistakes I made!

Quilting is Fun!

As I said, why make the mistakes I made when starting out as a quilter?

I have a habit of diving right into things...
Both Feet. Way over my head!
With quilting it was the same thing.

Complicated, intricate – way over my head!

I ended up putting it all in a box...

where it sits today.

Believe me, UFO (UnFinished Object) is an official quilting term you
really don’t want to learn. You don’t really want to win any “quilter
with the most UFOs” awards at a retreat or camp!

Learning something new is always challenging – even if everything goes
smoothly. The thing is, the challenge diminishes when someone leads
you through the steps.

“That’s why I’m sittin’ up here!”

As my Grandma Mac once said, “That’s why I’m sittin’ up here!” (Of
course she was sitting in the front seat of a van to give directions to the
driver who’d never been to that town before... but the phrase fits.)

With four people becoming new quilters every minute, there’s a big
need for helping, teaching and making the process of quilting fun!

That’s why I’m sittin’ up here!

I love everything about quilting – the design process, the cutting, the
sewing and quilting the assembled project on my HandiQuilter (even
though I’m still learning).

I guess I’d have to say binding is my least favorite part, but it’s a part
of the process necessary to finishing any quilt. So I do it and try to find
ways to make it easier for me... and for you.

That’s why I came up with OBO (One Block Only)

  • To make quilting super easy for the Beginner
  • To teach the Beginner Quilter how to make quilts in a fast way... while making quilting fun
  • To create excitement for learning how to make something you can be proud of.
  • Most importantly... to make it easy to actually finish a project!

My approach to Beginner Quilting with One Block Only is simple:

  • Blow the Traditional Quilt Block up to at least 48”x48”;
  • Use mini-blocks to break down the assembly of any quilt block;
  • And show you that the whole process of quilting is fun!

It’s a back-to-basics, baby step (okay, BIG Baby Steps!)
way of learning how to make a whole quilt.

We’re talking running-in-the-sprinklers fun!
Not jumping-in-the-deep-end panic!

Are You ready to have some quilting fun?

Then take a few minutes of your time, look this site over.
Find yourself a pattern and let’s get quilting!

One Block Only Beginner Quilting is the place to find your passion
for the art of quilting!

Special SiteSell Promotion

This is called Broken Band & is made up as a pillow (above) and as a wall hanging (below). It is also one of the blocks in the Sampler Quilt, which is a great project for a beginner quilter.

Most Popular Project
A Good Sampling of different quilt patterns

This easy Sampler Quilt makes a
lovely quilt. Full Instructions and
the Basic Mini-Block Booklet inc.

Click Here (or Image above)
to get your
Sampler Quilt, today!

To Get You Started

My Favorite OBO Quilt
Arizona Indian Memory

It has three very easy mini-blocks: Cat's Head, Chevron and A square in a Square.

Click on the image and off you go!

A Little more adventurous?
The Autumn Specials

This pattern file has
The Mini-Block Instruction Booklet

Click on the image and off you go!

Impress your friends
with a whole queen size quilt!

Don't get excited. 
This is a SUPER EASY pattern.  Only TWO BLOCKS!

You make 10 block of each pattern, sew them into rows and then sew the rows together.

Easy  Peasy!
Click on the image and off you go!