This is where you can contact me.

This is the only email address
you can reach me at.

Any inquiries must have OBO first in the subject line followed by what you are contacting me about. 
              For example:  OBO Pattern Inquiry
              Another example: 
                                OBO HELP Didn't get (purchased item*) from PayPal

*(purchased item) should be replaced with whatever item you bought, such as pattern or a special, or booklet, whatever you purchased.

Now to the details needed on your email

Enter your First name (Last name optional )

Enter your phone number
(this is only if I should need to clarify anything I can't deal with in an email)

Then describe what you need. 

If it is a PayPal problem: Explain exactly what happened when you finished the transaction.  Did you get sent to the "Thank You" page
or something else.

If it is a Pattern Inquiry:  List exactly which pattern(s) you are interested in.  You may ask about more than one.

If it is any other Quilt Related Inquiry:  Detail whatever you are interested in as completely as possible.

The official Instruction Book
for One Block Only Patterns.

Your official guidebook for all
One Block Only quilt patterns.
You will only need to order once
for making it easy to assemble
any pattern -- anywhere.
Click on Image to order.

What is a Mini-Block?

Flying Geese

Duck and Ducklings

Cat's Heads



Spinning Tops




or AKA... "Tri-Sqs"


So, just what is a Mini-Block?