My "Associates"

These kind folks have a lot to offer. Please, feel free to check them out.

Most of them might have little to do with quilting, but they do have my respect. Be it, helping you set up your own website or promoting Pet Adoptions or whatever other feature I may list.

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Groups or Companies who sponsor
Pet Adoptions

.......—With Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), the breeding stops.
.......—Populations of stray and feral cats are gradually reduced.

.......—The annoying behaviors of breeding cats,
.......—such as yowling or spraying end.
.......—Unwanted litters are eliminated.

.......—Adoptable cats and kittens are placed in loving homes,
.......—immediately reducing the number of cats returned to their colony.

.......—This helps those who become caretakers of such colonies
.......—by reducing the strain of feeding those large numbers of animals.

Community Cat Care
The feral cat group who have helped me with my stray cats. If you would like to see the quilt I did for them to auction at their annual Furr Ball...

Alley Cat Allies
This is an exceptional site to learn about TNR and so much more! One of the foremost promoters of assisting feral cats.

Best Friends
This group really impresses me. They have rescued animals from all kinds of situations. From hundreds of rabbits that all came from one little bunny present, Katrina victims, and a multitude of other rescue stories. The latest is assisting in the rescue of hundreds of cats in a small town near Death Valley.

The following Pet Stores promote cat adoptions.

My local PetSmart holds Adoption Weekends on a regular basis. Also they allow groups like Community Cat Care and BestFriends to have displays where cats can be adopted and their programs. Check out their site for adoption tips and where to find a store near you.

I know Petco sponsers pet adoptions, as to the exact details, please check with your local Petco store for that information. This site will help you find the nearest store and latest promotions.

My favorite Petco promotion is the "Science Diet Buy 10 and get ONE free". You buy 10 bags of food (same size) throughout the year and they send you a coupon for ONE FREE BAG! That can be up to a $30 value!

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