Anita's Quilt Gallery

This is Anita's quilt gallery of baby quilts that went to Montana.

My step-daughter Anita Wilson has two grandchildren who are cute little bundles of energy. The first quilt was made as a combination wedding gift-baby gift and was completed before we knew the baby's gender. I had more warning on the second one.

Maybe when I get settled down to quilting again, I'll do a more "boyish" quilt for AJ. By then he should have something he's crazy about to give it a theme.

The second addition to Anita's Quilt Gallery was probably the biggest challenge I ever presented myself with. I saw this block in a magazine and thought it looked interesting. Oh my, what a lot of thinking went into putting it together!

This is considered a scrappy quilt because I used "scraps" from from leftover fabrics from several other quilts. All the fabrics are tied to several other kids, and a quilt I made for myself (but still needs to be finished).

I've decided to name it "Friendship-Cubed".

One of the hardest I ever made.

  • One reason was the illustration printed in the magazine (where I found the idea) was printed backwards to the instructions. The magazine later reprinted a correction (guess it be-fuddled more than me!).
  • The second reason was the complicated design, which I had to do a mockup and lay out the different fabrics in the proper place on the mockup. If I didn't take it step by step, I was lost.
  • The third reason is the pieces were small!

These four good looking young people are:
(right to left)

Anita (far right)
her sister, Ronda
her brother, Shane
her other brother, Dougo

(In a few days there will be another quilt in this gallery for Dougo's new son.)